Welcome To Trivia Legends

Do you like Trivia games? And Crypto?
Read more about our game project using Stratis Unity SDK as one of the key components.


What Is Trivia Legends?

Blockchain supercharged & multiplayer trivia game.

Global Reach

Anyone can play - regardless of age, gender, location or interest.

Competitive & Social

Multiplayer aspect and different game modes spice up the challenges.

Tokenized Economy

With Stratis we can utilize tokens and NFT economy as part of the game.

More details?

Sure, let's learn about few more of the cool features.

Easy to play

Globally popular trivia game mechanics which most people know or get used to quickly.


2-4 people matches for extra fun. Playing against friends is more fun and competitive.


Connecting wallets and playing with tokens is exciting. NFT tech spices up rewards.

Game modes

There's different ways to have fun with trivia and compete against others. Sky is the limit.

Tournaments & events

Seasonal cups with unique rewards or special events with custom rules? Why not?

Ranks & Rewards

Every good player deserves recognition. NFT's and leaderboards could help.