For common questions and common answers in relation to the game or NFT related – check below. For more specific help or bug reports reach out towards our development team via Discord or Twitter, or use contact form on this site. Over time, this section will increase as game gets developed further.


HOW TO PLAY TRIVIA LEGENDS?2022-11-24T14:52:23+00:00

Trivia Legends’ strategy narrative gives players additional layers of fun above the usual gameplay expected in Trivia games or applications. In short (5-10 min) matches, players can play a game of territory conquer and strategy AND test their Trivia knowledge during fights – while also collecting NFT’s (optional) from rewards as they progress in level and experience.

HOW DOES BATTLE PASS WORK?2022-11-24T14:54:55+00:00

There is Free and VIP Battle pass in Trivia Legends. Anyone can play free, and for those who wish to explore world of NFT’s, collections and tip their toe into blockchain – after unlocking Battle Pass, additional line of rewards is unlocked – free mints, 1 chest per level of increasing tier. A battle pass is usually 30 days long and can have themed prizes or special prizes even.


There are public Twitter accounts (link) and a Discord server (link) with community available – where devs sometimes hang out. It’s possible to reach out to someone official from there, with a conrern, idea or other. Feel free to follow links here to join us.


Yes – by all means. Trivia Legends is designed to provide fun as is – thoughtfully balanced Trivia with strategy narrative – to, hopefully, entertain Trivia fans and more, casual mobile gamers and anyone interested. If player does not connect wallet, rewards in Free Battle pass are given by default, however instead of NFT’s – players get “classic” game (Non-NFT as we call them) characters.


CONNECTING WALLET WITH GAME2022-11-24T14:36:06+00:00

In Trivia Legends, players can connect blockchain wallets to the game, in order to mint NFT characters to it. If you’re new to the blockchain and minting and want to explore this – press “CONNECT WALLET” green button in menus – and follow the instructions on screen. We strongly suggest using separate wallet for game and keeping care of the mnemonic.

CAN I USE CIRRUS (CRS) TOKEN IN GAME?2022-11-24T14:40:59+00:00

When wallet is connected/created – players can use “MANAGE WALLET” view in order to see & copy wallet ID and handle mnemonic backup. Game wallet is on Stratis Cirrus main-net and capable of receiving CRS Tokens – if they’re sent from, for example, Stratisphere mobile or desktop wallet. Once player has wallet balance greater than 0 CRS, additional purchasing option appears at checkout screen.

HOW DO I SEND NFT TO A FRIEND?2022-11-24T14:43:27+00:00

Any NFT game character minted for free or via Shop in Trivia Legends – is fully valid and Stratisphere-compatible NFT, also SRC-721 format. While game does not support sending of the NFT’s directly between wallets, by logging into Stratisphere with game wallet, players can then further use available operations with NFT’s in there, for example: send NFT’s to other wallets.

PLAYING WITH “ORIGINS” COLLECTION NFT’s2022-11-24T14:47:09+00:00

There are 2 authorized NFT contracts that work in game: Trivia Legends Origins (collection of very rare characters on Stratisphere) and Trivia Legends Game – for NFT characters created within game. Origins NFT’s are perfectly compatible and whitelisted in the game for use, so feel free to use them in game, if you own any.

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