About Game

Trivia Legends is a NFT collectible-style game developed as a part of Stratis Decentralized Accelerator program. One of the core components to the game is blockchain technology used for transactions, wallets/accounts and NFT’s (realized via Stratis Platform – Cirrus blockchain). Through fun strategy narratives mixed with Trivia players can have fun and also unlock different characters digitalized as real world blockchain NFT’s. Game welcomes everyone – fans of trivia games, casual gamers as well as everyone who wants to join the blockchain based gaming movement.



As the narrative in Trivia Legends is heavily character based – and those characters are CRS based Non Fungible Tokens (NFT’s) – we have decided to create an unique game collection of higher tier characters and make it available to anyone via Stratisphere NFT marketplace. These NFT characters will not be available for minting inside of the game but instead can only be obtained from Stratisphere.

A maximum of 2000 characters will be ever issued as NFT’s as part of this special collection. At time of writing there is 400/2000 on Stratisphere, collection of extremely rare (epic, legendary) chars which cannot be won in game. Over time as special NFT’s get created we will drop more into collection.

Click on the button bellow to go to Trivia Legends Origin Collection Stratisphere marketplace page.